Change You Can Believe In

The world of social media is changing at a rapid fire pace.  This constant evolution and the breakneck speed at which things spread, not to mention the sheer volume of tools and outlets, can be[…]

Should We BCS the Presidential Election?

The debate around who is worthy for this year’s #1 and #2 teams to compete for the BCS national championship lives on after yet another upset over the #1 ranked team, Texas in this case.  The Big[…]

Mad Men ... Unfashionably Off Strategy

There are few television shows I watch these days, fewer that I enjoy.  Those that I do watch are quite a few clicks away from the major networks.  Occasionally, my eye turns toward the preview of[…]

Armageddon Will Have to Wait

Doom and gloom. The phrase or mood of the day … that is, any day you turn on cable news, read the paper, open up to a Yahoo default screen. Wall Street, in all its aggressive financial gaming, is[…]

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