How to Take Leave…Without Leaving Things Hanging!

At this point, I am 18 days from my due date… but who’s counting!? This will be my second child, both of which will have been born while working at Trevelino/Keller.  Leaving for maternity leave,[…]

#TweetSmarter | Twitter Campaigns that Drive Results

So you’ve decided to invest in a social media ad campaign. You’ve gone through the basics, picked your graphics, chosen your basic targeting, but what’s next? What can separate you from your[…]

Twitter Live Events Stream…or Project Lightning…or Moments…

Keeping up with the ever-changing social media landscape is a job in and of itself. Every week the big social media guns announce a new update, product, way to advertise or even a completely new[…]

Startup Marketing Boot Camp at ATDC

Last month, I tagged along to a marketing seminar hosted by Trevelino/Keller at the entrepreneurial incubator, ATDC. We met with startups to address the path to establishing an industry leading[…]

Three Social Trends Worth Knowing

When it comes to social media, there is no constant. From learning about the latest Facebook algorithm to deciphering the world of social advertising, I could spend my entire day reading about the[…]

X-PlorTK: Our Iceland Adventure

Beyond Selfies and Parties – How Snapchat is Repositioning Itself as a Major News and Brand Management Platform

Snapchat has outgrown its roots. What started as a platform primarily used by teens to send risqué photos without repercussions has evolved to become a powerhouse of news content and a strategic[…]

Breaking Into the PR Field

A Family Adventure

Sometimes a quiet beach vacation at a resort is required. A week of no thought, no planning and no stress is just what the doctor ordered. But at other times we need to stretch ourselves, get out[…]

X-PlorTK: A New Staff Adventure Initiative

This year, Trevelino/Keller announced the launch of two exciting new programs: X-HaleTK, a staff health and wellness program, and X-PlorTK, our new staff adventure initiative. The X-PlorTK program[…]

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