“Help Me, Help You.” Jerry Maguire

Lost in Social Media Land?

The social media movement has taken over the lives of more than 60 percent of Americans, according to the recent Cone Business in Social Media Study. More importantly, the survey also found that[…]

Pranks, Stunts and Hoaxes, Oh My!

Can You Define Chutzpah?


HO HO HOliday Gift Guides

Beginning in November and running through the holidays, every publication imaginable runs a holiday gift guide. Even with a down economy, it is the time of year when consumers are actually ready[…]

Should We BCS the Presidential Election?

The debate around who is worthy for this year’s #1 and #2 teams to compete for the BCS national championship lives on after yet another upset over the #1 ranked team, Texas in this case.  The Big[…]

Mad Men ... Unfashionably Off Strategy

There are few television shows I watch these days, fewer that I enjoy.  Those that I do watch are quite a few clicks away from the major networks.  Occasionally, my eye turns toward the preview of[…]

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