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Understanding Reputation Marketing

Regardless of where you are as a company, a reputation marketing strategy has merit if you are driving towards a particular outcome – valuation, scale, acquisition, profitability or even exit. These[…]

Does Your Brand Voice Give You an Edge?

In the classic Ian Fleming book and Daniel Craig adaptation of “Casino Royale,” Vesper says, “There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets; this is the latter. And I need you looking like a man who[…]

Remember the Octanes

Share Your Stories.

Filling the Integrated Void

Be Wary of Integrated Bias.

Beyond Your Zoom Connection

The Office: 2021

A Post From The Future

Dean Trevelino, co-founder of Trevelino/Keller, a digital public relations and marketing firm, and an avid ultra runner training for the 100-Mile --nobusiness100.com– goes for a run in the[…]


We like to compete as much as the next company.  Maybe even a bit more.  And yes, we want to win.  Not at all costs or really, any costs.  We win with sweat equity … resourcefulness, a sense of[…]

The Fake News Phenomenon. Dead or Alive.

I remember the first time I was a victim of it. Socializing online a few years ago, I came across what I thought was the sad, premature death of an actor I admired. He wasn’t young, but he was at the[…]

15 Years. Blink of an Eye.

I remember the first year like a childhood house.  Experiences inside the four walls, faces of the people who traipsed through at one time or another and, of course, the milestones.  We’ve had a[…]

New Space. New Edge.

The other day I walked into a prospect’s new office space. It was beautiful, modern and minimalist. I wanted to live there, admittedly because I’m a modernist. As I headed back to my own office, I[…]
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