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Beyond Your Zoom Connection

The Office: 2021

A Post From The Future

Dean Trevelino, co-founder of Trevelino/Keller, a digital public relations and marketing firm, and an avid ultra runner training for the 100-Mile --nobusiness100.com– goes for a run in the[…]


We like to compete as much as the next company.  Maybe even a bit more.  And yes, we want to win.  Not at all costs or really, any costs.  We win with sweat equity … resourcefulness, a sense of[…]

The Fake News Phenomenon. Dead or Alive.

I remember the first time I was a victim of it. Socializing online a few years ago, I came across what I thought was the sad, premature death of an actor I admired. He wasn’t young, but he was at[…]

15 Years. Blink of an Eye.

I remember the first year like a childhood house.  Experiences inside the four walls, faces of the people who traipsed through at one time or another and, of course, the milestones.  We’ve had a[…]

New Space. New Edge.

The other day I walked into a prospect’s new office space. It was beautiful, modern and minimalist. I wanted to live there, admittedly because I’m a modernist. As I headed back to my own office, I[…]

What Keeps You Up at Night?

I recently attended a gathering of “Who’s Who in PR,” something I admit I rarely do. It proved to be both predictable — in the questions about challenges we’re facing, how we measure impact and[…]

Practice Spotlight: Health

Trevelino/Keller has differentiated its practice by balancing its focus on Health/Wellness and Health/IT, leveraging its long-standing success on the technology side with its continued interests[…]

Disruption 1.0 Meets Disruption 2.0

For some of us, dot.com doesn’t seem that long ago. It was full of big talk, lots of swag, disruptively simple ideas, huge investments and wildly aggressive marketing spends. We don’t need to[…]

Client Spotlight: Carvana 

When we began our work with Carvana shortly before they launched with an influencer event at the High Museum, little did we know they would be walk the disruptive walk with such swagger. While[…]
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