Client Retention: A Decade and Counting

Breaking up is hard to do. And when the client/agency relationship is severed, it can be especially heartbreaking. But while we have certainly been on the receiving end of a “Dear John” letter or[…]

Forbes Names Carvana the #5 Most Promising Company in 2015

Forbes just published its 2015 list of “America’s Most Promising Companies,” and T/K client Carvana ranked #5 out of the 100 that were recognized and the hundreds that did not make the cut. The[…]

Radical Transparency: Where Does It Belong Today?

Three Tips for Early Stage Mobile Startups

In today’s fast-paced world, anything that makes life easier has a high probability of success, especially when it’s available on a smartphone. In our smartphone-dependent lives, it’s not surprising[…]

The Southeast’s Power Incubators

Business incubators have brought the startup energy to the Southeast with their unique spaces designed to stimulate the growth and foster the success of startup companies. Every major southeastern[…]

Hypepotamus: Another Useful Tool for the Atlanta Startup Community

Known for more than its unique and clever name, this startup resource has revolutionized the way Atlanta’s entrepreneurs connect and learn from each other. In 2012, experienced entrepreneurs Ashish[…]

Atlanta's Startup Incubators

Atlanta hasn’t always been a hotbed for startups, but in the past five years the city has seen startup activity multiply and grow to become an economic catalyst. What makes this possible? One reason[…]

Start-Opia: A Light-Ning Rod For Innovation

“Stay away from the light.  Tell her quickly. The light is dangerous! Don't go near it!  Don't even look at the light!” Depending on your generation, you may or may not recall those chilling words from[…]

Delta Offers Young Entrepreneurs the Chance to Hop into the Creative “Rocket Ship”


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