Newsmakers: How to Secure Local News Coverage for Clients

As a national boutique PR agency, many of our clients have a national or international presence. And everyone loves a solid national PR hit! But for some clients, local news coverage can trump[…]

Building the Start-Opia News Platform

Hypepotamus: Another Useful Tool for the Atlanta Startup Community

Known for more than its unique and clever name, this startup resource has revolutionized the way Atlanta’s entrepreneurs connect and learn from each other. In 2012, experienced entrepreneurs Ashish[…]

Start-Opia: A Light-Ning Rod For Innovation

“Stay away from the light.  Tell her quickly. The light is dangerous! Don't go near it!  Don't even look at the light!” Depending on your generation, you may or may not recall those chilling words from[…]

What to Do When You Get a “No”


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