Why PR Is Even More Important In A Digital Marketing Landscape

Since the digital revolution, PR has been forced to adapt. From convincing clients they needed websites in the 1990s to SEO, blogs, forums, and the other online communication tools of today,[…]

Who Should Be Managing Your Digital?

There’s a land grab going on in the marketing space around digital marketing. It’s as territorial and competitive as college football recruiting and satellite camps -- with traditional ad agencies[…]

Running Your One-Man Show: Marketing and PR tips for startup entrepreneurs.

I’ve been attending school in the heart of Silicon Valley for the past year. At a certain point in most relationships I’ve formed at school, there comes a time when I get “the pitch”: my counterpart[…]

The Story of How Twitter Eliminated Its 140 Character Count…Well…Sort of.

Finally…Twitter has decided to expand that little white box that we’re supposed to get everything we need to say to the world in 140 characters or less. In a recent announcement, Twitter stated that[…]

For the Love of NBA Finals and Twitter

Today, I saw something that struck a chord with me. Unless you’re living under a rock, at some point in the day you will be interacting with some aspect of social media. If you’re not personally[…]

Why Franchisors Shouldn’t Hire Franchise Firms

If you’re a franchisor seeking public relations and marketing support, your first thought may be that you should work with an agency that focuses exclusively on franchises. The logic makes sense – if[…]

Delta. A Little Perspective From Economy Comfort.

Delta. It's really the only airline I prefer to fly ... domestically. Yes, grant me access to Air France or Virgin and I won't complain. But domestically, out of Atlanta, I'm attached to the hometown[…]

Measuring your Brand’s Social Media ROI

In every major survey of social marketers, “Social ROI” is still cited as a top challenge. Many public relations and marketing specialist struggle to find the best way to measure their company’s[…]

How to Leverage your Existing Client Base to Grow your Brand

Every public relations and marketing agency wants to grow its list of clients. The more brands you service, the more money your agency receives. While that model might ring true, its leaves out a[…]

New Journey. New Lessons.

The idea of a new journey puts a twinkle in my eye and a few butterflies in my stomach. Once I realized that my next journey would be the biggest one yet, those butterflies soon began to multiply.[…]

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