What’s On Our Mind

At T/K we are consumed by the role we play in tackling our client’s business opportunities and challenges. In that same spirit, it’s important to look inside our agency and challenge not only how we[…]

Measuring Earned Media: How to be Smarter

Like all PR agencies, media monitoring and reporting is a key part of the services we provide to our clients. But historically, the tools and software to support this basic element of public[…]

Company Culture: Ping-Pong tables aren’t as effective as we thought

As I entered into the great unknown of seeking full-time employment over a year ago, I wholeheartedly threw myself into interview after interview and LinkedIn, pitching my worth to employers around[…]

X-HaleTK: Our New Staff Wellness Program

X-HaleTK, a staff wellness program, launched this year and offers each employee a $500 annual allowance to promote their own health and happiness. The allowance can be used for a variety of healthy[…]

Groovy Studios Wins 35+ Awards in 3 Years

Forgive our boasting. But Groovy Studios, T/K's in-house creative team, has won more than 35 awards in the last three years. From videography to designing case studies, infographics, print ads and[…]

T/K Designs A New Brand Of Its Own … Groovy Studios

As an agency, we’ve long handled our creative work in-house. Our team is a wheelhouse of expertise -- digital marketers, writers, designers, videographers, photographers and other artists. With[…]


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