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Create Your Cupcake Selects Trevelino/Keller as Agency of Record

ATLANTA, July 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Create Your Cupcake, a design-your-own cupcake concept that features patent-pending baking and delivery methods, announces its partnership with Trevelino/Keller as its public relations and marketing agency of record. Trevelino/Keller offers Create Your Cupcake decades of experience in the restaurant industry, with a successful track record of supporting emerging brands.

"Before founding Create Your Cupcake, I visited cupcake shops around the country and found there was a niche opportunity for a bakery that allows customers to create their own cupcakes," explains Barbara Hart, founder of Create Your Cupcake. "Our innovative methods empower our customers to design their cupcakes in a fun, fresh way. We chose Trevelino/Keller as our strategic and creative partner to enhance our reach and support our launch in Atlanta and nationally."

Founded in 2016, Create Your Cupcake features more than 2,500 flavor combinations, including various cakes, CremacheÒ, frostings and toppings. Unlike most cupcake bakeries, Create Your Cupcake gives the customer free range to design their own baked goods to fit their taste and dietary needs. Hart, who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2004, designed the bakery to include separate gluten and gluten-free bakery facilities. This allows those with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance to enjoy their offerings without fear of cross-contamination.

Drawn to Trevelino/Keller's dedicated food and beverage practice, Create Your Cupcake recruited the integrated agency because of its legacy of expanding emerging restaurant and franchise brands. With the industry's number one retention rate, Trevelino/Keller is often sought out by companies in need of a strategic partner that cuts across public relations, marketing and creative services.

"This small, off the grid food-centric concept has the potential to disrupt the cupcake category," says Dean Trevelino, principal of Trevelino/Keller.  "That's Barbara's vision, which is why we are on board, and her commitment to gluten free really establishes the model for gluten free baking in America's kitchens." 

About Create Your Cupcake
Create Your Cupcake is a design-your-own cupcake concept that features patent-pending baking and delivery methods in more than 2,500 flavor combinations.  Founded in Atlanta in 2016, Create Your Cupcake allows customers to personalize their own cupcake creations in person, for delivery or for group and corporate meetings and events.  For more information, visit

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