X-PlorTK: Our Iceland Adventure


We are about halfway through our Iceland adventure thanks to the X-PlorTK program. This country is amazingly unique and beautiful. And cold. Temps in the 50s doesn’t sound so bad until it is accompanied by 15mph winds. Biting.

Here are some things we have learned on our trip to date:

  1. This island is basically one giant volcano. Lava rock flows are everywhere and the volcano central to Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth is here. The country is literally slowing being pulled apart as it sits on two tectonic plates.
  1. Summertime is fun time for families. Kids have no curfew and can often be found playing pick-up football (soccer) in the setting midnight sun. Three hours later, after a short nap, they can pick the game back up at sunrise (3 am). I'm sure if I lived in darkness nine months out of the year I would be doing the same thing.
  1. Traveling internationally with kids can spark interest in American history back home. As we learned about the burning at the stake of nuns accused of selling their soul to the devil, it brought up a discussion of our own Salem Witch Trials.
  1. Horsemeat is a very popular here but currently very scarce due to a recent veterinarian strike countrywide. In the meantime many are making do with lamb.
  1. It's safer and tastier to fill our water bottles up in running streams versus the tap. Tap and shower water smells and taste very much like sulfur, due to the islands volcanic activity.
  1. Like the landscape around them, Icelandic people are absolutely beautiful both inside and out. We have been treated with smiles and welcoming arms everywhere we have been.

The next few days will find us horseback riding, fly fishing, and relaxing and natural hot springs. A full summary will come after we return.


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