Ask and You Will Receive

Market research can prove to be an invaluable asset when it comes to learning about your audience, providing you have the funds and time to get it done. The average cost for consumer market research is in the tens of thousands, and the price can alter dramatically depending on how large and in-depth that research needs to be.

But sometimes, you don’t need a multi-page report detailing the intricacies of your customers’ lives; sometimes, you just want to ask them a few simple questions and see the results. That’s why we like 1Q.

1Q is a customer engagement platform that allows you to ask customers questions quickly and hyper-locally. You simply enter your questions, set your targeting parameters, hit send and wait for the results to roll in. The platform is pay-per-response, so you can select your sampling size based on needs and know exactly what you’ll pay. There is even an option to follow-up with past responders, making it easier to track opinions over a length of time. Participants are paid for their responses, incentivizing quick responses and honest feedback.

Here at T/K, we use 1Q to help our clients find the answers they need when they need them. One of our travel clients uses 1Q to keep a pulse on consumers’ fluctuating feelings toward travel by conducting reoccurring consumer indexes and then shares their findings in targeted releases that help establish them as industry leaders.

If you’re looking to gain some quick customer insights on burning questions, try 1Q today.

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