Your B2B Mobile Agenda: Seven Ways to Attract and Keep Buyers

Your B2B Mobile Agenda: Seven Ways to Attract and Keep Buyers  

A lot of B2B sales and marketing providers examine a seller’s perspective. When jumping into the sales stage, conversion metrics, sales funnel, and end decisions, it’s important to keep an adaptable perspective. Mobile marketing has come a long way, and it’s become critical to business success when the sales funnel is considered.

That said, buyer attraction is critical to success. If you want to optimize your company’s outreach, expand its horizons, and fuel an ongoing stream of B2B relations, check out the latest and greatest mobile marketing strategies:

Strategy One: Optimize the Mobile Website for New Purchasing Right Holders

A recent Forrester survey reveals that 52 percent of B2B buyers are engaging product research via smartphone. B2B merchants need to optimize their mobile websites. As mobile purchases continue constituting larger business buying portions, more employees will secure purchasing rights. Modern business operators are purchasing on-the-go.

Strategy Two: Target Millennials With Enterprise Mobile Apps

Why do any of us use a mobile app? Mobile apps empower the user. Likewise, enterprise mobility applications empower employees. Implement a high-security enterprise utility app, and target Millennials. Millennials are straightening out their buying habits and they already comprise a big slice of business purchasers. They expect an omnichannel experience, and they’ll turn away from long sales cycles. Your business can hit its biggest fan-base by implementing a content calendar, spreadsheet, and operational utility apps.

Strategy Three: Use Mobile App Access to Reach Content Marketing Goals

You can utilize mobile apps for B2B content marketing, too. In fact, 83 percent of B2B marketers consider mobile app access vital to B2B content marketing. Mobile apps, soon, will be a cornerstone of mobile web marketing. App Internet access is in right now and business providers have begun monopolizing new cross-platform approaches and promotions. 

Strategy Four: Navigate B2B Web Traffic With Mobile Video

Consumers aren’t the only ones viewing viral Internet videos. Enterprises are following mobile video streams and they’re examining Facebook video networks to locate the “who’s who” of B2B marketing. Mobile video marketing, at its core, is a visibility tool. Its outreach is astounding and it’s capable of generating incredible business leads. Really, any company intent upon boosting its B2B serviceability should channel leads through an intensified media strategy.

Strategy Five: Target Pre-Purchase Behavior 

B2B marketing relies upon quick-witted, acute targeting. Unlike in B2C marketing, business vendors must handle highly structured SMS outreach promotions. A recent Nielsen Telemetrics Study reveals that 42 percent of individuals use their smartphones for pre-purchase research. Another 55 percent utilize mobile devices to make actual purchases. These aren’t just consumers, either. The spread accounts for all mobile users, business-bound alike.

Strategy Six: Get Automated 

B2B culture is morphing to fit an SMS-centric culture. Your business’s marketing efforts, first and foremost, should be structured to accommodate for ongoing SMS support. Automated SMS services aren’t an option anymore. They’re a must-have utility of any respectable B2B merchant. Automated SMS messaging service track down leads, manage potential buyer brackets, initiate connections, and handle ongoing contact. 

Strategy Seven: Create Communication-Based Solutions 

The B2B realm has always been “better at texting back” when an opportunity arises. Because much of business purchasing revolves around structured decision making, automated SMS triumphs. Reduce the variables, strike up ongoing communication, and follow up each reception with continuous support, promotions, and goal-targeted deals. You’d be surprised how many companies opt for automated mobile B2B strategies. Get out there, hook into an automated platform, and take charge in the optimized smartphone world. 

What's Next?

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Ken Rhie is the CEO of Trumpia, which earned a reputation as the most complete SMS solution including user-friendly user interface and API for mobile engagement, Smart Targeting, advanced automation, enterprise, and cross-channel features for both mass texting and landline texting use cases. Mr. Rhie holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School and brings 30 years of software, internet, and mobile communications background
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