Counting Down to Curacao – Jason’s Xplor-TK trip

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At the end of 2014, Trevelino/Keller announced a tremendous employee benefit program, XPlor-TK.  The new program allows each member of the T/K team an allowance to travel to a new city or country that will provide a culturally enriching experience. The hope is that the trip will open employees’ minds to new ideas and spark creativity.

After the opportunity was announced, I sat down with my family to plot our trip to a destination we have never been to before, but have always wanted to go.  After weeks of deliberation and a little research, we ultimately decided on Curacao, as it combines some of our favorite things – beach, culture, entertainment, nature and, of course, great food!

Our plans in Curacao include an island tour which will start in Willemstad, the country’s capital and take us across the 141 square mile island visiting historic landmarks and several beaches. Additionally, we plan to shop and dine in downtown Willemstad’s historic district, which remains the heart of the island’s tourism and international trade sectors.

For years, we have seen pictures of Curacao on television as it is the home of several professional baseball players including Andruw Jones and Andrelton Simmons. The opportunity to finally visit the island has my entire family counting down the days until our trip.


By Jason Gilbreth

Jason Gilbreth is a Senior Account Executive at Trevelino/Keller. He spends his summer nights at Turner Field and his weekends near the water.

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