Duda|Paine Architects Selects Trevelino/Keller to Lead Public Relations and Digital Strategy

ATLANTA, March 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Duda|Paine Architects, a premier international design firm, announces its partnership with Trevelino/Keller as the company's public relations and digital agency of record. Trevelino/Keller offers Duda|Paine expertise in expanding its brand reputation at the industry and major market levels.

Through this partnership, Duda|Paine plans to expand and elevate the firm's reputation in the high rise, mixed use, education, medical education, and health and wellness markets. Duda|Paine's team of experienced professionals presents its clients with the opportunity to create meaningful, purposeful and transformative spaces.

"Our best work results when a relationship transcends expertise to grasp the essence of an organization's culture," says Jeffrey Paine, Founding Principal, Duda|Paine. "Trevelino/Keller's creative and employee-centric environment mirrors our own. They bring tremendous passion for media and publications—that passion solidified our decision to work and grow with them."

With the industry's number one retention rate, Trevelino/Keller's services cut across public relations, content marketing, demand generation and creative services. Drawn to Trevelino/Keller's practice diversity in environment, health, real estate and lifestyle, Duda|Paine plans to leverage the firm's core competencies in media relations, social media, executive visibility and web development.

"Coming from a 25-year professional partnership myself, I admired the drive to excel and complementary relationship that exists with Dean Trevelino and Genna Keller," says Turan Duda, Founding Principal, Duda|Paine. "We believe Trevelino/Keller fundamentally understands how we work and how our culture contributes to the buildings and spaces we design."

Headquartered in Durham, Duda|Paine shapes spatial experiences that expand and advance institutional, business, organizational and community models. The Duda|Paine design process is a journey of inspiration and discovery shared with clients and project teams. The firm's work realizes and elevates clients' goals for success in the twenty-first century.

"As ardent appreciators of architecture and design, we are excited to work with and elevate the Duda|Paine brand," states Dean Trevelino, principal, Trevelino/Keller. "Not only do we find it to be a natural fit for our portfolio of work, but we are also excited about their openness to grow and invest in the kinds of strategies that can make their brand a category leader."

Duda|Paine Architects provides a full complement of design, interior design, architectural, planning and master planning services to a diverse array of international and national corporate, academic, wellness and cultural arts clients. The firm's enduring success results from an idea-based design process that engages participants and fosters inspiration to achieve visionary built work. For additional information, please call Duda|Paine at (919) 688-5133 or visit http://www.dudapaine.com.

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