Humrun Selects Trevelino/Keller as Agency of Record

ATLANTA, June 13, 2017 /PRNewswire -- Humrun, a repair app that quickly connects restaurants with high-quality service providers, is announcing its partnership with Trevelino/Keller, a full-service digital public relations and marketing firm based in Atlanta. Trevelino/Keller will assist Humrun as it prepares for its launch and ongoing reputation marketing strategy to accelerate the company's growth.

Humrun is a mobile app that allows restaurants and service professionals to communicate more effectively about problems. The app connects restaurants with qualified technicians across more than a dozen categories, including coolers, freezers, ice machines, plumbing, air conditioning and more. The app also allows real-time communication and features a built-in payment method.

The app also creates an efficient system for vendors and service professionals. Technicians can create their own schedules by simply setting their status to "available" on the app. Once they're members with Humrun, service technicians will have access to all Humrun restaurants, providing them with a wealth of new potential clients. Humrun also guarantees that technicians will be paid within seven days of job completion.

"Humrun is a first to market application that is bringing restaurants and technicians together on one platform to create easier communication between the two," explains Andy McKoski, Humrun's founder and CEO. "We are looking forward to partnering with Trevelino/Keller to show both restaurants and technicians how much easier life can be with Humrun."

With deep experience in both the restaurant industry and the mobile application segments, Trevelino/Keller will work to establish Humrun's solution in the restaurant-tech space and demonstrate the solution's value proposition that the company's founder recognized as a multi-location operator. 

"Restaurants stake their reputations on running smoothly and consistently.  Failed equipment disrupts the customer experience which if not handled properly, ultimately impacts the reputation," explains Dean Trevelino, principal at Trevelino/Keller. "As Humrun's agency of record, we plan to utilize the synergies of our restaurant and technology practices to establish Humrun's brand and value proposition.  For restaurants, it should be the minimal cost of doing business."

About Humrun
Humrun is a communication tool that quickly connects restaurants with qualified service providers when there's an issue. With 15 service categories to choose from, restaurants can use Humrun to find reliable vendors for almost any need. Whether you're a restaurant manager trying to maintain the flow of spot-on service, or a technician looking to book jobs and get paid quickly, Humrun will keep your business humming along and customers coming back. For more information, visit Humrun.com.

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