Making Social Media Fun Again

Remember the early days of social media? Facebook was the province of college students, indie bands hoped to make it big on MySpace, and no one had heard of job titles like social media manager or content analyst.

Now that social media is an industry unto itself, it can be a valuable marketing tool, but it can also be, well, a little tiring. Wasn’t this supposed to be fun at some point? Now you might feel like you’re drowning in a pool of conversion rates, audience segments, and very carefully curated emojis.

Luckily, there are about as many ways to run social media accounts as there are social media channels. While strategy and professionalism are important, there’s no need to approach your social channels dead-eyed with boredom. [insert zombie emoji here]

Get Creative with Photography
Instagram is a hub for beautiful imagery, and if you’re using this channel for your business, your photos should be relatively strong. This isn’t the place for boring stock choices, but you don’t need a lot of time or money to create gorgeous pictures that will move product. Try using natural light for more of your shots, or bring in a few new faces to make photos more inviting. 

Better Engagement > More Engagement
Instead of the usual calls for followers to retweet or like your content, why not find out more about what motivates them? Don’t be afraid to engage with your audience in new, interesting ways. (And we don’t mean trying to keep up on which meme is hot this week.) Your followers are interested in you, not your attempt to be hip with the kids.

Post About the Things You Really Care About
Don’t be afraid to try new channels if you think they can serve your message, but keep your primary mission foremost in mind. When you’re engaged and excited, your social media will shine.

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