Maynard Webb of Yahoo! Invests in Atlanta’s StarMobile

Silicon Valley (especially Yahoo!) is paying some serious attention to local entrepreneurs. A few weeks ago, we shared Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s interest in acquiring Atlanta startup News Distribution Network, Inc. Now, Maynard Webb, Chairman of Yahoo! is investing as much as $375,000 in Atlanta startup StarMobile, according to sources.

StarMobile creates enterprise software such as Salesforce.com, Oracle and SAP for mobile devices.

Webb, a long-time angel investor, has invested in successful companies such as Nebula, Luminate and SocialEyes in the past. StarMobile seems to fall right in line. In 2010, Webb founded Webb Investment Network (WIN) to fund early-stage companies while giving them access to network of experts from likes of Google, PayPal, HP and Oracle. WIN has also invested in other Atlanta startups such as Pindrop Security and Ionic Security as well.

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