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As public relations pros and media relations mavens, we understand that the journalists we’re pitching on behalf of our clients are inundated with emails, phone calls and DMs from industry peers mirroring our efforts. Anyone on Outlook or Gmail can appreciate that email has become a sales and marketing black hole, difficult to find light – no matter how relevant our topic is.

This situation requires us to look in earnest for more creative ways to connect with the media, ensuring we offer interesting stories and sources who will support their assignment or beat. Though desk sides have gone by the wayside, there is still tremendous value in face-to-face interactions. One of the most efficient and effective ways to share your company, product or service is via a product preview at Meredith Publishing.

Meredith is one of the premier publishers in the United States, with magazines ranging from home, design, food, lifestyle and more. Organizing and presenting a product preview at one of Meredith’s offices in New York, Iowa and/or Birmingham offers a robust and captive audience of editors to share the latest updates from your company, industry trends and story ideas for consideration. Though these publications typically work on a longer lead time, we’ve seen immediate post-event success with online stories inspired by the information we presented just a few weeks prior.

We’ve all mastered the virtual presentation at this point, and we’ve even conducted a Meredith Product Preview virtually during COVID-19. With any virtual presentation, interesting visuals designed to support your storytelling are key. Investments must be made in the presentation design to standout. And with options to ship products or themed gifts directly to attending media, there are fun and unique ways to connect with them, even from a distance.

However, there is something to be said about having an in-person conversation with a group of engaged media and letting them touch, feel or even taste your product while you tell your story. Though plans for the future are still under discussion, we anticipate potentially needing to present in a hybrid format moving forward. So, what does this really look like? Our team works with a client’s key stakeholders and spokespeople to identify themes, key messages, initiatives and thought starters to develop the presentation content and design. We concept gifting and support sample shipments, ensuring all logistics are handled. After an internal rehearsal, we’re ready to travel to Des Moines to present. In addition to in-the-room feedback from attendees, clients receive a post-event de-brief and updates on any stories in development.

The benefits of hosting a product preview out live the initial coverage. We find that our Meredith media contacts come back to us for additional angle or story ideas once we make this connection and show that our client is a reliable and interesting source. As an added advantage, coverage in a Meredith magazine lends credibility to a brand and has tremendous weight for future media opportunities.

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