O Canada: Sarah’s T/K Xplor Trip


When one considers all of the typical vacation destinations sought after by travelers each summer, Canada may not be the first place that comes to mind. When Trevelino/Keller announced a new employee benefit program that provided us the opportunity to travel somewhere new and become immersed in a different culture, I admit that Canada was not the first place that came to my mind either. After the announcement was made, I began trying to narrow down my extensive list of places I’ve yet to see and after much debate, I decided my adventure was to be found in a less than typical destination, Canada.

I am passionate about chasing adventure, whether that be through hiking, trying new foods, meeting people or broadening my cultural knowledge, and I wanted to choose a destination that would take me on an adventure-filled journey. Known for its scenic landscapes, rich history and thriving cities, Canada has much to offer adventure seekers like myself with its array of museums, parks, waterfront cities, historical sites and food. For my trip, I am planning to take a mini tour across Ontario and Quebec through Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City.


The first leg of my trip starts in Toronto. While there, I have the incredible opportunity to see a natural wonder I have had on my bucket list my whole life, Niagara Falls. Once I return to the heart of the city, I plan to visit local attractions such as the CN Tower and the Art Gallery of Ontario, home to an extensive collection of European art, photography and sculptures. From Toronto, I make my way to Canada’s capital, Ottawa, a city with much to offer history buffs. As an avid history lover, I am looking forward to paying the National Gallery of Canada a visit as well as exploring Parliament Hill and Notre Dame Basilica.

Next up is Montreal. On the shore of the St. Lawrence River, Montreal is a bustling hub that is known for its European flair. In Montreal, I am looking forward to visiting its botanical garden and a futuristic looking park, Parc Jean-Drapeau. From there, I will round off my Canadian adventure by making my way to Quebec City. In the city, I have a day full of sightseeing around the heart of its downtown planned and most importantly, I plan to try poutine for the first time, one of Canada’s famous dishes comprised of French fries and cheese curds topped with gravy.

Wish me bon voyage as I embark on my trip and stay tuned to hear my stories from the road and if poutine lives up to my high expectations!


About Sarah Bell

Sarah is an Account Executive at Trevelino/Keller and a graduate of Kennesaw State University. In her free time, she can typically be found hanging in her hammock, hiking on trails or browsing art galleries.




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