Perspective Behind the Prizes

What's a smart way to track your agency's growth and evolution? The client roster, yes. Staff size counts, too, as does work scope.

But a metric that’s sometimes overlooked is awards, and we don’t just mean the quantity of them. Trevelino/Keller encourages our clients to pursue recognition, and we try to take our own advice. The competitions we enter and the projects that earn us accolades can reveal volumes. What are we proud of? Who do we think we are, and who do we want to be? 

In TK’S earlier days, the agency was more public relations-focused, and our trophies reflected that. Now, our staff and capabilities have grown, and we’re winning awards for a diverse variety of both traditional public relations work and creatively driven marketing.

Some 2017 honors that we’re proud of include MarCom awards for photography (platinum for Atlanta Bread’s flatbread photography), brand refreshing (honorable mention for Discovery Point’s Art of Happy brochure), and infographics (gold for the National Society of High School Scholars’ Millennial Career Survey). We also received Dot CoMM awards for videos we created and Davey Awards for our work with the College Football Hall of Fame.

See a theme? As our business grows, so do our capabilities. Applying for awards can require time, money and other resources, but they’re a great barometer for where we are and where we’re going.

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