Relocating budgets from summits and other events?

Five ways to repurpose government budgets due to disruptions from the pandemic.

Trevelino/Keller, offering services to U.S. government agencies as a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) and Disaster Recovery contract holder, can help ready you for Q4 and 2021 with digital marketing, analytics, media and PR services.

Realizing some 2020 contract funds may be unused now due to the pauses from the pandemic and adjusted timing, Trevelino/Keller has packaged services that can help complete 2020 projects and prepare and inform 2021 efforts.

One of the bigger strategies to be affected is the change in government summits, tradeshows, conferences, meetings, symposiums, seminars and more, and many organizations find themselves with newfound budget from the saved costs associated with event logistics including booths, travel, etc. Below we have outlined five ways to repurpose these budgets in effective ways.

  1. Earned Media - If you have a product/service that’s particularly relevant for today’s environment, test the waters with a four-month campaign to gain national and vertical market exposure that can boost your reputation.
  2. Account-Based Marketing - Tell us your market priorities. We will mine and develop a strong database, create the content strategy including landing page and email series and oversee a test strategy for three months.
  3. Content Marketing - Of those companies redistributing their trade show budgets, content marketing is second to digital. There’s enough budget to build or expand a blog, launch a podcast series and product some video vignettes to support sales.
  4. Paid Digital - We never put all of our eggs in one basket. Give us a small budget to test paid search, some sponsored content, even promotion of LinkedIn Live and Facebook Live events. With it comes a robust set of metrics to demonstrate the best ROI and path forward.
  5. Web Refresh - It has been a priority without a budget, but you know how much more important your web presence is in a virtual world. Take a portion of a single show’s budget and improve your SEO, bolster your content and refresh your story.

We have a proven track record of government work and are a trusted resource providing services under our GSA Contract number 47QRAA19D008X.

learn more about Trevelino/Keller’s Government Practice here.

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