Should We BCS the Presidential Election?

The debate around who is worthy for this year’s #1 and #2 teams to compete for the BCS national championship lives on after yet another upset over the #1 ranked team, Texas in this case.  The Big 12, in recent history, a one or two team league, has an amazing class of teams who have found their way to the top 10. Of course, when it is all said and done, they’ll have one, two or three losses

no different than the teams in the SEC or the Big 10.

If you are Penn State this year, you’re feeling a little like Senator John McCain … all that experience, good will, yet you are down in the polls.  And no matter what you do, those with lesser experience, fewer accomplishments seem to leap over you.  No doubt Texas Tech deserves to be in the top three.  But how did Alabama get there.  They crushed what is appearing to be an overrated Georgia team and suddenly they are in front, regardless of weak wins against Kentucky and Mississippi. Did Governor Palin show up unannounced and because of a great disposition and a rah, rah attitude, leap to the front of the pack only to be flagged more times

than former Vice President Dan Quayle when under pressure by Katie Couric or when blitzed by the Web 2.0 world and SNL.  Where does Senator Obama fall in the rankings.  Is he the guy that keeps beating the one-time favorites like Senator Clinton?  Is he Texas Tech, whose coach quotes Winston Churchill? Or is he Penn State, the team that regardless of where the fall in the polls, always seems to do the right thing even in a time of crisis.  

Right now, the two polls – Harris and USA Today – have Alabama #1, Penn State #2 and Texas Tech #3. However the computer rankings fair better for Texas Tech, thereby placing them #2 in the BCS with Alabama #1.  So can we believe the polls or do we let a computer ranking tell us who should be #1. What if the general election was waited like the Harris and USA Today polls, then we plugged in each candidate’s accomplishments, failures, economic strategies, healthcare plans, foreign policies, points of view and combine polls and computer rankings. Or we can just have a playoff or in the case of a presidential election, a steel cage match.

By Dean Trevelino

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