The 3 C's of Social Voice

Every organization has something that makes it unique.  What do you represent? What do you talk about? What makes you stand out?

When it comes to social media, your organization’s personality is key in developing relationships with the social community and growing your followers. Your social voice takes users inside your brand’s purpose. Find out what gets them excited. Listen to the way they express their feelings. Make sure you know what they want from you.

At Trevelino/Keller, we work with clients to establish social voice and presence. We start with the three C’s for defining that voice: Culture, Community and Conversation. The core of your brand’s voice must come from its culture. Having a social media voice lets your community — new and old — know what to expect when they interact with you.  Armed with culture and community, the last piece is conversation. Determine what you’re bringing to social media by putting your brand out there, and then communicate it with personality and authenticity. 

Next up, we work with your team to define personas and language. Who you are, what are your attributes? What are you not? If your brand were a person, who would it be? What traits does that person have? From there, we set voice, tone and style.  

  • Your voice is ultimately your mission statement.  It’s your brand personality described in an adjective, for example: lively, positive, professional or passionate. 
  • A subset of your brand’s voice, the tone adds flavor and is based on your audience, situation and social channel. Examples include refreshing, engaging, informative, competitive or entertaining. 
  • Once you’ve set your voice and tone, what is your style? How do you effectively convey the voice and tone through writing – whether that is language, sentence structure or descriptors? Is your writing style active or passive; do you have a flare for dramatic descriptors?

Once we have completed a session defining your voice, we are armed with a two-page document that all content must adhere to.  We settle on voice, tone, style, targeted audiences as well as properties and frequency. From there, we create a roadmap of content for each social property so that your content is fresh and distinct based on each property’s style and delivery. 

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