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Some would say, Atlanta is a city that is good at so many things, but not necessarily at the top of any one industry. Of course, little by little, Atlanta chips away at the leadership other markets have claimed in recent years like Southern California’s stronghold on entertainment. Much like its neighbors to the north, Northern California has dominated the technology landscape.

So where does that put Atlanta in terms of its technology presence? We would argue, on the rise. We have emerged as a fintech center and with a base of more than 13,000 technology companies and a recent report highlighting $1.8 billion worth of investments this past year, we are optimistic.

For a public relations and marketing agency, we didn’t believe we could be more immersed in the tech landscape. Aside from our clients, we are aligned with Tech Alpharetta, Atlanta Tech Village, Raise Forum, Keiretsu Forum, Atlanta Tech Angels and Launchpad 2X.

In light of all that is happening on the tech/startup scene, Atlanta needs more outlets to showcase the movement which is why we have been a fan of Tech Talk. Now we are stepping up that enthusiasm by partnering with Joey Kline, Vice President at JLL and host at Business Radio X’s Tech Talk to expand his programming in 2020.

Tech Talk takes a deep dive into local tech experts, companies and segments, discussing various tech topics. Our commitment is to identify emerging and established brands, unicorns in the wings, doing something fresh and innovative – B2B and B2C – regardless of vertical.

Interested in being considered for a future Tech Talk, reach out to rjimenez@trevelinokeller.com. And keep an eye out for our blog, MindShare, as we profile future shows.

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