The Ignition Project

Earlier this week, Atlanta entrepreneurs and investors gathered for The Ignition Project 2014. The goal of The Ignition Project is to connect promising entrepreneurs and angel investors to ignite early-stage success.

This year, eight entrepreneurs presented ideas to a room of investors and startup hopefuls at The Gallery at Ponce City Market. The audience also heard from last year’s program graduates, as well as startup experts, in a panel regarding Atlanta’s early-stage startup environment. There are a number of factors taken into consideration by The Ignition Project in choosing both entrepreneurs and investors who will bring early-stage success to Atlanta’s startup ecosystem.

Experience is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing investors. Investors must have built and sold at least one enterprise, qualifying them as an Entrepreneur to Angel Investor, or E2A. Second, they must give the entrepreneurs they invest in the freedom to use the investment at will. Interference is not allowed, but encouragement is. Investors must also share their time and relationships to help entrepreneurs with opportunities and ideas, offering guidance and wisdom from their own experiences as entrepreneurs. Lastly, investors must stay focused on the right return with the right deal.

The Ignition Project looks for a certain brand of entrepreneur as well, and there are several requirements which must be met in order to be considered for the program. First, entrepreneurs must have a vision beyond their initial concept. They must also demonstrate dedication and leadership. A great leader will be able to create a team that has the same goals and vision as their own, which is essential to the success of a business. Additional requirements include having one or more revenue-producing customers and an eagerness to consider informed counsel from E2As.

For more information about The Ignition Project, visit http://www.theignitionproject.com/faqs/.

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