The Most Important Tip for Holiday Marketing

Holiday marketing can feel like a trap. If you decide to do it, you risk tripping over the tired cliches of well-worn PR territory. But if you ignore the holidays altogether, you could alienate clients and audiences (not to mention look a bit Grinch-y).

Bringing seasonal tidings to your clients can be a worthwhile endeavor if done correctly, which is to say that treacly ideas are out and authenticity is in. A savvy agency will help your brand connect to holidays in a way that makes sense for you. That last part is what’s key: Being true to your identity will ensure your messages ring true as well (even if those messages are festooned in more twinkling lights than usual).

Trevelino/Keller prizes client collaboration, and we’re always working to understand brand tones and polish key messages. So, when we get the chance to do holiday-themed PR, incorporating seasonal themes is simpler for us.

For example, our work for Arrow Exterminators frequently focuses on its unmatched expertise in pest control. When the holidays roll around, that message doesn’t change. We’ve earned media hits for Arrow by promoting its tips for the holidays, a season when homeowners tend to see more ants and rodents. It’s a simple strategy, but it makes sense for the client’s image and goals.

The tailored approach can work wonders. At the College Football Hall of Fame – which has a rollicking, fun-loving image – we offer Deck the Hall for people whose true favorite holiday is their alma mater’s homecoming weekend. Deck the Hall features holiday decorations galore, of course, as well as a slew of activities like holiday-movie viewings and photos with Santa. This kind of celebratory approach works for the Hall, which is popular among families and tourists, but probably wouldn’t be the wisest idea for pest-control marketing.

Whether you’re a week away from Christmas or deep in a sweltering July, core messages should maintain consistent throughout the year. Staying true to brand identity will safeguard your clients from misbegotten marketing – and keep customers coming back.
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