The Remote Podcast

A Lesson in Pandemic Perseverance.

Many things could be said about working in the public relations and marketing industry amid a global pandemic. For one thing, communication has never been more critical with internal employees, consumers and stakeholders all looking to companies with one question: what now? As March 2020 so urgently made us realize, the answer was pivot.

For T/K, this required multiple forms of pivoting. Not only was our agency adapting and learning how to adjust to new daily operations, but we were also jumping in to help our clients do the same. All clients across various industries needed to pivot – in big and small ways – to endure the current pandemic and all the implications that come with it. Today, as we continue to adapt and respond, we are fortunate to already have a number of success stories, proving resiliency from our agency and clients alike.

One such success story was the launch of T/K’s first remote client podcast on behalf of Bell Law Firm. The podcast series, aptly named “Face the Jury” focuses on specific issues surrounding medical malpractice in America and brings together a balance of courtroom anecdotes, trial techniques and current event analysis – all hosted by Founding Partner Lloyd Bell.

It was late 2019 when we first brought the idea of a podcast to Bell Law Firm. From there, we hit the ground running with everything from logo design, episode ideation and digital strategy. By the time we were ready for episode recording, it was mid-March and the nation was on the brink of a major shift due to COVID-19.

Rather than press pause on this project, we did what we had to do – pivot.

With a little bit of creativity and determination, we continued to move forward and found ways to pull off podcast production remotely. This meant navigating everything from recording, sound engineering and post-production edits – all without the luxury of learning and working together, face-to-face. The end result was a podcast that gave the client a powerful platform to help inform the public of important information surrounding medical negligence, as well as the steps people should take to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm.

Ultimately, this project equipped our agency with an entirely new set of tools and skillsets, allowing us to extend the same podcast creation capabilities to other clients across industry verticals. Not only were we able to launch an initiative that had been underway for months – but we were able to do so during a pandemic without missing a beat. A true COVID success that makes us proud.

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