T/K Opens Bay Area Office

We are proud to announce the opening of our San Francisco office, our fourth location, joining Atlanta HQ, Charleston, S.C. and Orlando, FL. After careful deliberation, we are seizing the opportunity to be an integrated PR source for West Coast technology brands, in particular those who obviously have the technology pedigree, but bring an East Coast perspective that’s critical to brands launching nationally.

This startup focus is nothing new. Long before ABC’s popular show Shark Tank, T/K developed Startup Council, a gratis, round table initiative featuring key industry experts who advised early stage companies and made capital recommendations. Since its founding, the firm has represented more than 100 startups at all stages, ushering them from their launch (Carvana, 2015 Forbes #5 Most Promising Companies) all the way to their noteworthy exits (MindSpring acquired by West Coast EarthLink, RMI acquired by Carlyle Group and BioPay acquired by Bay Area PayByTouch). Recently, we built Start-Opia.com, a directory driven web portal and information ecosystem that connects startups with capitalists, experts, associations and supporting organizations.

Given the market, our expanded capabilities and our initiatives like Start-Opia, we feel like it’s an ideal time to establish one of the few dual coast technology agencies in the country.

Our San Francisco office will be led by Tanner Latham, the agency’s content director. Prior to joining the firm almost two years ago, Tanner worked for 15 years as a print, digital and radio journalist, most recently as a contributor to NPR. He has counseled and coached dozens of startups, specifically on delivering effective investor presentations and pitches.

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