What’s Working Right Now in Content Marketing?

Content is the crux of branding, lead gen and sales campaigns within the digital landscape. Marketing that content is a dynamic exercise, and tactics are constantly ebbing and flowing ineffectiveness. Right now, personalization is propelling concise, convenient content. 

It’s Time to Shorten Content

Goldfish beat us in average attention span; We now only have about eight seconds to garner interest from an audience.

Most buyers are millennials, and they use the same hours every day to do more than generations prior. Their time and attention are precious, and they are most responsive to short content that utilizes infographics and videos. Engaging formats are colorful, tell a story and include movement.

Leveraging this trend looks like more selective writing, using more video and infographics on social media, repurposing existing long-form content into bite-size pieces and tailoring content for niche audiences.

Catering to Niche Audiences Up Front

Markets are saturated across every vertical. To save time and cut through the noise, brands are delivering content tailored specifically for high-value buyers. 

Where do you find a niche? At an intersection. 

Your niches exist where your products serve particular buyers. Instead of repeatedly using vague, overarching content about how your product works or why everyone can benefit from using it, write about how a buyer in a distinct field with a defined job role can solve their issue with your product. Back this up with high-quality SEO designed to attract buyers within that niche.

Build a Better User Experience

One sure-fire way to set yourself up for failure is to bury content inside an unpleasant user experience. We’ve moved past optimizing content just for keywords. Creating a pleasant, easy user journey is critical. Increase your content’s chances with audiences by focusing on UX design and shortening site load times.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Content)

One of the most effective methods of doing more with less is the practice of repurposing. After investing in creating engaging content, it makes sense to set that content up to go as far as possible. That means stretching it across channels to reach its target audience wherever they may be. Content teams are pulling from panel discussions and webinars to develop social posts, eblasts and newsletters. Finding a team that can mold a single piece into multiple engagement opportunities is invaluable. 

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