Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Goes Shopping in the Atlanta Startup Community


Notorious for making Yahoo “cool” again, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has been on a buying spree since she joined the company in July 2012. Over the past two years, she has acquired about two dozen startups and, with Yahoo making a comeback at a breakneck pace, she has no plans to put away the company’s checkbook anytime soon.

Luckily for Atlanta, Mayer is planning to acquire News Distribution Network Inc. (NDN), the Atlanta-based online video technology company, in effort to build Yahoo’s online video business.

Since video generates greater user engagement on websites, which translates into higher ad rates that brands are willing to pay, Mayer has made growing Yahoo’s online video business a top priority for the company.

Sources say Yahoo is offering NDN between $300 million and $400 million to kickstart the company’s online ad business. With this big of an investment in an Atlanta-based company, Yahoo will be expanding its business in Atlanta tremendously.

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