15 Years. Blink of an Eye.

I remember the first year like a childhood house.  Experiences inside the four walls, faces of the people who traipsed through at one time or another and, of course, the milestones.  We’ve had a number of them over 15 blink-of-an-eye years … with so much of it incredibly positive.  15 years of profitability.  Growth for 12 of the 15, which isn’t too shabby given that multi-year fallout we called a recession.  Three practices that become four, then five and now seven. 

A dedicated public relations suite of services that’s now the backbone of four suites, including digital and social marketing, demand generation and creative services.  The creation of multiple brands that we have launched, seen thrive and in some cases, become integral parts of the firm  (like Groovy Studios, our creative brand that continues to do two things well – grow and win awards).  Wheelhouse, our platform for housing exceptional talent that’s an extension of the firm.  Atlas, our global consortium of five partner agencies.  Start-Opia, our platform for training and consulting startups, gratis, and Winepreneurs.Club, our entrepreneurial-spirited wine networking event series. 

Yes, some people have come and gone over the years -- more often to pursue the next stage of their lives in a new industry, a new town or at home.  We lost one thriving professional to another agency in 15 years.  A few Best Places to Work awards, 100 or so more well deserved program accolades, and today, the strongest staff position since we started.  And while we recall in the distance what we achieved at 887 in that 1,500 sq ft space that seemed like it would take forever to outgrow, we can never forget all that we accomplished at 949 with more than double the space.  As we arrive at 981, once again doubling our footprint, we intend to give more thanks for our milestones, more acknowledgement of the wins and more celebration of our T/K community … one year at a time.

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