8 Tips for Social Media Business

Photo Credit Similar to Rome, an organization’s social media network cannot be built in a day. Social media is a great platform to market your organization’s business and increase revenue however, it takes a team of social media advocates and several steps to build a successful social business. Hootsuite, a social media management system, has helped over 60,000 social media professionals around the world see real results using 8 different tactics.


 Here’s a rundown to building an effective social business:

Align social activity with business objectives – For example, use social media as a tool to increase employment engagement or customer retention. Social media maturity doesn’t matter as long as there is constant activity.

Organize social media activity- By practicing organization, your team can form and consolidate social media policies to empower and expand social interaction.

 Track and monitor conversations with URL links - Teams can use URL shortners like Ow.ly  to track click-throughs or analyze customer conservations through Facebook, Twitter or Facebook.

Brand Strategy- Use platforms outside of typical social networks. For example, GoPro a sports-camera shop, has used their brand to build a community outside of Facebook by spotlighting their customers on YouTube. They are the 5th largest brand on YouTube!

Cross Departmental Collaboration - Instead of hiring social media experts, cross collaborate within each department of your organization. By doing so, employees that already have deep knowledge of inquiries can share, edit or schedule responses to the audience.

Secure and protect your brand - We’ve all seen the occasional embarrassing tweets, however Hootsuite  takes a proactive approach to prevent profiles from human-errors or inappropriate employee behavior. Hootsuite also specializes in security scans that prevent malware, hacking and security threats. None-the-less, expect to see an extra prompt before publishing to prevent posts intended for personal accounts.

Track Social Media Data - Create revenue and cut costs by tracking your social media accounts with reporting tools, tracking technology and a team of social media analysts. Tools such as Hootsuite Enterprise, monitor and setup automatic notifications for spikes and global trends.

Social Media Influences - Spark your audience interest’s by encouraging your employees to share personal thoughts about the organization on their personal account. According to Edelman Trust Barometer, 50% of the public considers employees to be an extremely credible source for information.

 With diligence and teamwork, using these tips as an outline to framework your organization’s long-term needs could significantly make an impact on your social business.


About Brenda Penn

Brenda Penn is an Account Coordinator at Trevelino/Keller. She graduated from Georgia State with a concentration in Journalism and minor in Film. Her weekends consist of binging on Netflix and blogging.

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