Building the Start-Opia News Platform

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If you’re in the startup world, you know there’s something magical happening around the country. Startups are once again making an enormous impact on existing industries while pioneering a few new ones along the way. All the more reason that our startup-focused initiative Start-Opia is becoming more and more relevant. Last year we launched the directory driven web portal and information ecosystem that connects startups with capitalists, experts, associations and supporting organizations. We’ve aggregated the searchable information for our first thousand companies, but that’s just the START. When we originally built it, our vision included a content strategy that incorporated a blog, a media feed, a television library and Start-Opia Radio, an interview-style show we now produce on a monthly basis.

In the spring, we plan to launch an even richer news platform with a new, interactive design that will pull in more original content covering regional topics near our Atlanta HQ as well as national startup news, particularly from the Bay Area, the site of T/K’s new office. For info, check out Start-Opia.com.


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