How Can Corporate Animation Benefit Your Business?


The creative aspect of public relations is constantly changing and always improving. As a part of the creative team at Trevelino/Keller, and through my previous work experiences, I’ve seen the potential that the relatively new marketing resource called corporate animation can have for a business.

Corporate animation refers to any kind of corporate communications material, such as an animated logo or video, commissioned primarily for use by a client. Video animation has become an extremely relevant tool for corporate messaging, but it is also a great vehicle to help spread the word about any piece of news or event.

While professional animations can take a lot of time and effort, marketing materials like these allow you connect with audiences in a visual, entertaining and shareable way. Animated logos and videos are typically displayed on the client’s website and often shared on social media. By sharing these videos with their social networks, businesses extend their reach to market to a wide variety of people. We have learned that videos are currently the most shared marketing resource and also have the largest organic reach on Facebook according to PR Daily. Video posts have an organic reach of 8.71 %, while photos only have an organic reach of 3.73 %. With the average human attention span ranging from four to six seconds, it’s more important than ever to be creative and engaging and to share content that can be absorbed on a multi-level basis.

We believe that great storytelling leads to great results. Corporate animation is an inspiring, inventive way to tell a company’s story. For more information on corporate animation and the world of creative possibilities, head over to our brand new Groovy Studios website.


 About Mariah Weathersby

Mariah is a Creative Developer at Trevelino/Keller. When she’s not tattooing or programming, she likes to travel and hunt down new and exciting things to do.

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