Delta Offers Young Entrepreneurs the Chance to Hop into the Creative “Rocket Ship”


“If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don't ask what seat. You just get on.” This is the advice that Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt offered Sheryl Sandberg when she was first offered a job at Google that she was hesitant to accept. As history shows, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg hopped onto the Google rocket ship and became one of the key ingredients that propelled the company to some of its greatest accomplishments.

This quote has become inspiration for innovators and startups across the nation, which makes us wonder if it at all incited Delta to launch their new Innovation Class mentorship program.

Aimed at those in the creative class, the Delta Innovation Class is a mentoring initiative that gives up-and-coming professionals the opportunity to pick the brains of the world’s greatest innovators. Essentially, Delta selects business and creative leaders who will be using Delta to travel to various professional events across the globe. These selected innovators will be put in the “Mentor seat” and the seat next to them will be saved for a carefully chosen up-and-coming entrepreneur.

Not only will the lucky, chosen entrepreneur get a free flight but they will also have one-on-one access to learn from one of the most successful minds in their industry. Interested entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply online for this mentoring program offered by Delta and LinkedIn that literally gives newcomers a chance at earning a seat on a “rocket ship.”

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