Game changer: Twitter introduces audience Insights

Twitter audience insightsAs social media continues to grow and evolve, the importance and impact it has on an organization’s operations and media strategy escalate accordingly. As our favorite social platforms roll out new updates to keep up with the shifting social landscape marketers, analysts and businesses have the ability to target, reach and affect consumer trends more now than ever. As a result of the changing landscape, businesses can leverage ads to increase overall engagement and relevancy to users.

Twitter is the most recent online social media network to change their landscape and step up the breadth of its analytics by introducing audience insights. This new change will allow companies to discover valuable insights about their audience to better craft their content and campaigns for engagement. By doing so they are privy to a much deeper understanding of users and are able to tailor brands and key messages to them. Instagram did something similar a few weeks ago by expanding its advertising capabilities and opportunities to ALL advertisers.

So what does Twitter’s update mean for you?

  • It allows you to aggregate information about users by demographics, interests, purchasing behaviors, lifestyle and more. This means no more ‘report as irrelevant’ clicks on promoted tweets from users who don’t find your content relevant to their needs or wants.
  • It gives you the ability to break down audiences based on their specific device. This means if you know a majority of your audience uses Apple products you can tailor content specifically to that device.
  • It allows you to keep your information private and in one place. This means you can aggregate insights in to one neat file, while ensuring users and consumers feel secure that their private information is just that: private.

Twitter’s audience update means your organization can identify specifically what your consumers want to see. For PR professionals it simplifies the day-to-day job by targeting and compiling for you. This means new social strategies that will lead to more engagement with bigger and better results.

To check out a step-by-step beginner’s guide to the new update, visit here.


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