How a Brand’s Social Imagery Should Resonate With Its Audience

Humans have been using imagery to tell stories for millennia now and not too much has changed in the 15,000 years since the Lascaux cave paintings were drawn. We use much of the same art direction when it comes to medium, theme, and audience as early humans did, with a few updates in technology.


Here at Trevelino/Keller we make sure that, during our brand immersion sessions, we get the full picture of a brand. That includes the voice and feel they want their brand to have, where they want their brand to have it, who they want to reach, and ultimately what their goal is.


When you combine all these attributes, you get a sort of persona or personality of the brand. When you find the overall persona(s) of a brand, it gives you a clearer picture of who you’re dealing with.


Before the advent of television and the internet, brands were limited to meeting their consumers via print advertising. You walked by a billboard or poster and met the brand face to face. Years later, consumers meet your brand while sitting in a movie theater or in the comfort of your living room, although that was limited to families with a home television or a theater in their town.


Fast forward to present-day where not only is your brand met on personal computers but via the apps on your mobile phone. Everyone can access their social networks with a touch of a small screen in their pocket. Your brand is met face to face In between conversations and destinations, early in the morning and late at night.


So what is your brand saying? What’s it doing? How does it come off to the millions and millions of consumers who spend an average of 2 hours a day on social media networks?


In the recent past, brands have been content with just being on Facebook and Twitter in order to check off a box that every company checks off – leading to minimal attention paid to these networks of customers who want to interact with them.


The status quo has changed drastically in the last few years due to so many brands stepping up their creativity game on social media. Brands are now enlisting designers to create engaging graphics for their newsfeeds, interactive video for their Instagram feeds, and branded backdrops and filters for their Snapchat stories. In this new age of branding that focuses on the individual’s interaction with your brand, you only have a few seconds of their attention to make an impression -- you can’t afford to do the same old cave paintings you once did.


Christian Rincon is a Social Media and Creative Designer. He enjoys a good bagel, Chance The Rapper, and taking in a football (futbol) match.
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