How to Leverage your Existing Client Base to Grow your Brand


Every public relations and marketing agency wants to grow its list of clients. The more brands you service, the more money your agency receives. While that model might ring true, its leaves out a critical element that is necessary for sustainable and consistent growth of a service company. At Trevelino/Keller we make a point to see the full potential of our existing client base. Here are a few tips to help grow your relationship with existing clients:

Listen Carefully
During emailing exchanges, Skype conferences and in-person meetings, listen carefully to what your client is saying. They might be giving clues as to where you could potentially expand your business with them. Keep in mind all that your company has to offer and make suggestions accordingly.

Make Recommendations
A sound approach to grow an existing client is to constantly come up with ideas to help them. Be engaged about your client's business and show that you care about them being successful. Suggest recommendations during phone calls or meetings. This will not only impress them, but it may also win more work for you. If your client feels like you are part of their team, they will be more likely to throw more work and projects your way.

Don’t be Afraid to go Outside
If your client needs something that you can't provide, don't automatically pass on the opportunity to help them. Reach out to your network and see if you can source the project. You can then act as the mediator between your client and your contact. This type relationship could pay off in dividends down the road as you open doors for new projects with your client and potentially your agency’s next employee.

Trevelino/Keller has grown its list of services along with our client base successfully by following the above best practices. While the number of clients an agency has may make noise in the industry, the most successful companies grow strategically and with existing relationships in mind.

Jason Gilbreth is a Senior Account Executive at Trevelino/Keller. He spends his week nights at Turner Field and his weekends on the water.

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