Leveraging Your Resources to Spark Creativity

how to spark creativityHave you ever needed an aha! moment, but had trouble coming up with anything? Racking your mind for new, creative ideas, but to no avail? In PR agencies, being able to think of creative ideas and solutions is vital. Whether it is planning a campaign, writing engaging social media posts or brainstorming for new ideas, a spark of creativity is required in order for you to contribute to your team. While some people have a natural inclination for thinking outside the box, others don’t find it that easy.

One thing I’ve found to be true is that even though being creative can seem daunting, it is possible, you just have to know how to leverage your resources. Here are some tips to help get your creative juices flowing:

Begin with research. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, search online to see what others have done in the past. Examine competitors in the space and identify what has and hasn’t worked for them. By understanding others’ successes and failures, you have a blueprint of what could work in your situation.

Stay informed. One thing that has proven to be tremendously beneficial for me is to spend 30 minutes each morning reading local, national and industry news. Staying current with what is going on in the world provides insight on what is timely and relevant. Even if you don’t use the information you read in the news immediately, oftentimes the knowledge comes in handy in the future.

Leave your desk. Studies show that people who take a short walk, indoors or outdoors, show a significant increase in their creativity levels compared to those who are sitting. If you experience a block in your creative process, try getting up from your desk and taking a walk to help you think more clearly.

Being creative can be challenging, but by using the resources you have, it is possible. Keep persevering and the creative ideas will begin to flow!

About Sarah Bell

Sarah is an Assistant Account Executive at Trevelino/Keller and a graduate of Kennesaw State University. In her free time, she can typically be found hanging in her hammock, hiking on trails or browsing art galleries.

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