New Journey. New Lessons.

The idea of a new journey puts a twinkle in my eye and a few butterflies in my stomach. Once I realized that my next journey would be the biggest one yet, those butterflies soon began to multiply. Starting my career was something that I have dreamed about since declaring my major freshman year, at Auburn University, and I was determined to make the perfect decision.

As I walked through the doors of Trevelino/Keller, on my first day, the butterflies instantly settled. I was welcomed by an office of genuine people who not only loved what they did, but also loved who they did it with. Their eagerness to help and desire to grow was a refreshing environment that I was excited to be a part of. The perfectly-wrapped welcome gift of stationery and pens, that I obsess over daily, was the icing on top that confirmed I had made the perfect decision.

As I look back over my first three months here, I have learned some valuable lessons that will shape the foundation for my professional career going forward:


If life gives you a choice between easy and tough, always choose tough. Challenging myself to stay outside of my comfort zone has allowed me to push the boundaries of expectations and appreciate the growth that comes from a process. My time at T/K has, thus far, has already added new skills to my tool belt and helped to shapethe multi-faceted professional I aspire to be.


Don't wait for the perfect opportunity to be great. Make it a lifestyle. Taking the time to embrace life's details on a daily basis has allowed me to treasure the the little things and leave a special mark on what I do. It can be easy as a young professional to wait for instruction, but T/K has provided me with an environment in which I can take life by the horns, and for that I am thankful.


In an industry that moves 50 times faster than you can ever prepare for, it is key to hold yourself to a standard of grace and be a team player. T/K embodies the saying, “team work makes the dream work,” teaching me to be humble and always ready. You are never to small or too big for a job around here. You may fall or end up on top, but regardless you will be motivated to keep going and pushed to excel.

Navigating the “corporate world” can be a challenge, but having a great team makes the ride much easier. I am forever grateful for the lessons that I have already learned in the past three months and look forward to the many more to come.

What is one lesson that you learned from your first job?

About MiKyle Crockett

A graduate of Auburn University, MiKyle brings a background of Public Relations and Paid Media to Trevelino/Keller. She has an obsession with school supplies, a passion for dance and runs her own sticker business in her spare time. 


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