Nurturing Your Marketing Tech Stack

There were more than 8,000 marketing tech solutions released in the last year alone.

While some of them were masked by the need for better connectivity for marketers during the pandemic, it’s hard to ignore the 13% increase year over year. And with the new technological advancements and algorithmic updates driven by privacy laws around us, this number is only going to increase.

The point: We are never going to have less technology than we already have. This makes nurturing your marketing tech stack critical to stay relevant. At T/K, we promote the practice of continually nurturing your tech stack so you are always working with the most effective tools. Our team helps clients understand what a marketing tech stack is and how their companies (B2B or B2C) can use one to grow.

To put it simply, a tech stack is a collation of technology solutions and tools brands can use to automate their tasks. By nurturing that collection, consciously selecting the best-suited solutions for your operation, you ensure your stack is always up to date with the latest technology to fire on all cylinders.

A tech stack not only helps marketing teams automate tasks but also helps them attract and nurture the right prospects for their brands. Marketers are racing to implement the latest technology to bring new levels of excitement and creativity to their target accounts. Companies who frequently evaluate and nurture their marketing tech stacks often find themselves with a first-mover advantage, setting them apart from other prospects.

We often advise clients to evaluate marketing tech innovations and niche platforms with the goal of building a tailored stack that works best in their industry. But the real magic is gradual – evaluate your tech stack over time and optimize the line-up to adapt to changing business requirements and new technology.

Here are a few of my favorite new martech innovations:


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