Practice Spotlight: Health

Trevelino/Keller has differentiated its practice by balancing its focus on Health/Wellness and Health/IT, leveraging its long-standing success on the technology side with its continued interests in wellness, nutrition and smart food sourcing.  As a result, its Health Practice has become its fastest growing in 2017 and the firm anticipates carrying the momentum into the new year.  

Today, the agency aligns extremely well with what it believes are the critical services for the health space – public relations, digital marketing, content development and creative services – where it offers clients the strategy to position and message their brands, then tap into public relations to build the reputation and digital to market that reputation. It’s the integration of these services, delivered seamlessly with one point of contact, that’s winning the minds of would-be clients. 

Because it’s so vast and diverse (not to mention wholly necessary), health is an industry that’s rife with opportunities for change. It’s also, of course, complex in ways large and small. At Trevelino/Keller, we start by distilling the layers of complexity to simplify the overall value proposition so companies find an easier path to selling solutinos. Often times, that’s a moving target. A specialty physician, for example, will have very different information needs than a patient, who will in turn want something different than a hospital billing coordinator… and on and on.

Ciox, a client that facilitates health-records management, is a prime example of how we communicate across multiple audiences for a single business. Storage and retrieval of health information can be notoriously difficult, so Ciox aims to make unwieldy systems easier for everyone to navigate. That’s where we come in, helping Ciox executives tailor their messaging so their core audiences understand the value proposition. Biocept, another health client, is on the frontier of modern cancer medicine. Its liquid biopsies offer benefits for both patients (who get a single blood test) and doctors (who get clues to what the best treatments might be).

Again, the key is in addressing these audiences separately and meeting them where they are. For a video script geared toward sharing on social media, for example, we stuck to plain language and compelling takeaways in order to reach more interested patients. Collaborating with health-focused clients is tremendously rewarding, but it requires finesse and deep experience. After years of specialty work in this field, we are at a place of differentiation, helping clients find metric-rich outcomes to scale their business.

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