Sponsorships/Partnerships: Should you do it?

PR PartnershipsIn recent months, our clients have been increasingly interested in partnerships, sponsorships and affiliate marketing, whether that is with a brand, an event or even a celebrity. We at Trevelino/Keller have been spinning our wheels talking to anyone and everyone from sports teams to hyper-local restaurant owner groups to see exactly how our clients can work to build brand awareness... Without wasting precious time or money.

It’s difficult to decide what opportunities are a fit, and when they might not be worth the cost or time. Here are some questions to ask yourself before making the decision:

1. Who is the core audience? Are these the people we want to be our brand ambassadors, will this boost our brand’s credibility?
2. What exactly do I get for the money? Is it comparable to other opportunities of its kind? What is my estimated ROI?
3. Will this sponsorship/partnership live beyond the time of the actual agreement? i.e. social media, websites, media coverage
4. How will my brand be presented? Will it be through marketing materials, networking, display, social media, etc.?

5. Are my competitors involved? If so, in what capacity?
6. What is the end goal? What are the reasons I might not obtain this goal?

Would love to hear your thoughts. Any tips on making the big decision to sponsor or partner? Any great events/groups/celebs that you’ve aligned with?


About Christy Olliff
Christy is an Account Director at T/K, based in Orlando, FL. She leads the agency’s health practice, but also focuses on lifestyle and consumer brands. She’s a mom, cheese lover, ex fashion industry minion and avid Georgia Bulldog fan!

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