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Over at Startopia, T/K’s information ecosystem for all things startup, we’ve launched the Startup Takeaway, an ultra short, clever, weekly e-newsletter to inform you on hot topics in the startup universe. Basically, we do all the work for you, scanning everything from major media outlets to more niche, tech insiders to find the most relevant startup news. We then condense it all to bite-sized morsels. On any given startup topic, we tell you What You Missed, What We Caught, What He or She Said and The Takeaway.

Jay-Z’s dive into music streaming? We covered the problems he’s got. Periscope and Meerkat’s battle for live streaming supremacy? We did a 360 of that. Wearable technology? It’s clipped right here.

You only have time for a takeaway. So we give you a variety of interesting nuggets you can easily drop into a cocktail conversation to show everybody else you’re the coolest one in the room. 

So choose to be cool. Click here to sign up.   




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