The Four Essentials of a Digital Strategy Checklist

digital strategyDigital strategy has gone from a slice of the marketing pie that was considered merely relevant, to one that is absolutely necessary. Gone are the days of believing if you served up the best, freshest, handcrafted cheeseburger in town, you would attract business. Thanks to our unwavering reliance on GPS nowadays, people literally would be unable to find your amazing cheeseburger.

Keeping your business up to speed digitally can often seem overwhelming. Things like SEO and social media strategy are constantly evolving and require ongoing attention. At Trevelino/Keller and our creative arm, Groovy Studios, we cater digital strategy to the specific needs of the client. We know that an online reputation can make or break a company. Here are four key elements every digital strategy should incorporate:

1. A Way With Words. The time-tested adage “content is king” still rings incredibly true in the digital space. A good content strategy will have a multi-pronged approach. We start by assessing the building blocks with a keyword analysis. This will help determine what searchers are looking for in relation to a company’s business or service. Next, we analyze the content of your website. Are keywords found within the text? Are they included in meta tags and page titles? From there, we will help you implement a strategy to continually serve up well-crafted, thought-provoking content that will bring visitors to your site and position your company as an industry leader.

2. A Solid Lead Generation Strategy
One of the most frequent reasons companies rethink their digital strategy is because they want to get more business. One of our first questions is always: did you ask for their business? Having a lead generation strategy for your website or a pay per click (PPC) landing page will help you to capture searchers. A good lead-gen strategy will include multiple calls to action and offer something of value to visitors in exchange for information that will allow you to contact them in the future.

3. Mobile
If it doesn't work on mobile, it just doesn't work.

4. An Experienced Go-Getter. Having a team who will invest the time and research needed to keep up with developments in the digital space is essential. Google alone implements over 500 algorithm changes each year. Whether you are vetting a potential PR and digital marketing agency or an inside hire, ask them what blogs and newsletters they keep up with. Ask them to tell you about the last time Google, Facebook or Twitter had a major algorithm change and how that change affected the user experience. This is a skillset that no tool can replace.

Finally, when assessing your digital strategy, the key is to capture. Capture a visitor’s interest by showing them how awesome your company is, capture a visitor’s data to reach out to them again and then capture their business. The ABC of digital marketing – always be capturing.


About Beth Ann Walker
Beth Ann is a digital marketing specialist at Trevelino/Keller. She spends most of her day immersed in the online world and when she isn’t there you can find her fishing or cheering on her Tennessee Vols.

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