Three Tips for Early Stage Mobile Startups

In today’s fast-paced world, anything that makes life easier has a high probability of success, especially when it’s available on a smartphone. In our smartphone-dependent lives, it’s not surprising that the mobile startup industry is booming.

Start-Opia Radio had the opportunity to get some valuable insight into Atlanta’s mobile app scene from three big names in the industry: Sly Barisic, of FotoIN Mobile, Matthew Suber, of Split, and Titania Jordan, of Kidslink. Below we’ve outlined three key pieces of advice gained from the tech leaders:

How to attract angel investors: As everyone knows, if you can’t find funding, you can’t do much of anything. Attracting angel investors should be one of the first things you do after ironing out the details of your business model. First and foremost, know who will understand and appreciate your story and vision. Be sure you’re pitching to the right people, or you may end up wasting your time and theirs. Second, know how to present yourself and your idea. Obviously you’re confident in your idea and business plan, but make sure to translate that when presenting to potential investors. Lastly, know what you’re in for. Demonstrate that you’re willing to learn on a daily basis. The startup industry is ever changing and can be a whirlwind. You should be willing to adapt and change your business if necessary.
How to find customers: Customers are another essential element to a successful startup. The prospect of finding customers can be daunting. Utilize your personal network, buy some lunches, and learn to navigate the customer development process. Hand out your business card every chance you get. If people you know have connections, ask for an introduction. This step will take time and dedication, but will pay off in the end.
How to get involved with associations: Getting involved in associations is beneficial to any startup owner. Startup associations provide networking opportunities, support and, in some cases, even office space. Getting involved in local networks, such as the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association and Atlanta Tech Village will allow you to meet people in your area. You should also look into trade associations that are applicable to your industry.

Click here to listen to the entire radio segment and learn more about these cutting-edge mobile apps.

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