Back to Basics

As a digital strategist I’m often asked for my perspective on new tools and technology. Fortunately I’m always on the lookout. Here’s a rundown of the litany of snazzy “solutions” that have crossed[…]

The Art of the Pitch

Last month, I had the pleasure of leading a pitch session to a packed room at Tech Alpharetta. While some people may have just come for the pizza and beer, most seemed genuinely engaged in learning[…]

The Path to PR: Navigating Your Way Into The Public Relations Field After College

As graduation season quickly approaches, the pressure to land a “real world” job is on the rise for college seniors. Transitioning from college to career sets the start of a new, exciting journey[…]

Facebooks Ads Done the Right Way: Don’t Obsess Over KPIs

Brands/businesses often use social media advertising, Facebook in particular, with the goal of growing sales. Many want results overnight. But that’s not exactly how it works. Social advertising is a[…]

Driving a Human Connection in a Digital World

When it comes to the world of marketing, it seems that we’re always trying to reinvent the wheel. Sure, as the digital world pushes forward, there is a real need to adjust our tactics to secure a[…]

How Hyperlocal PR Can Drive Meaningful and Measurable Results

In the PR landscape, we know what media hits are considered big wins. You know, the ones that establish credibility, result in high-fives around the office and move the needle for the company[…]


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