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At T/K we are consumed by the role we play in tackling our client’s business opportunities and challenges. In that same spirit, it’s important to look inside our agency and challenge not only how we engage with our communities, but what role we should play.

The T/K blog is a natural place to evolve. At its heart, an agency blog should do a few things simultaneously: it should enlighten readers about our agency’s thinking, work and clients. It should shed some light on our culture, processes and people. It should demonstrate our subject matter expertise.

And above all else, a meaningful agency blog should answer the questions that readers are asking about our agency, about marketing, advertising and public relations. About design and development. And about their own brands, and the ways they can better compete in the markets they serve.

Introducing mind-share. Mind-share is our repository for thinking. For culture and best practices. It’s where we share what we do as an agency, how we do it, and how your brand can do the same.

The goal of mind-share is simple: to answer the questions our clients, prospective clients, partners and enthusiasts are asking. By sharing the “who, what, where, when and how” of our work and thinking, and the tactical approaches we take to help clients face the predictable and unpredictable, we may help your brand get out … and stay out in front.

For example:

Who … is best suited to handle your social media?

What … social media approach do I take in a crisis situation?

How … would you go about re-launching a brand that’s become irrelevant?

When … should you turn on the PR when launching a company?

Where … do you invest the bulk of your budget – earned, shared, owned or paid media?

Mind-share is a living, breathing blog. We welcome your audience participation. Please don’t hesitate to leave questions in the comments section of this blog. Or if you are feeling a little more private, email us at mindshare@trevelinokeller.com. We’re always eager to teach, enlighten, and even learn.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some mind-share.

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