Why Trevelino/Keller Clients Are Buzzing This Holiday Season

In the business of public relations, “buzz” is the overused reference to generating attention for one’s brand or products that leads to others buzzing about it at the water cooler, on social networks, at cocktail parties and the like. We have been known on occasion to generate some significant buzz for our clients and in exchange, they continue to engage us year after year. This year, in the spirit of creating buzz, we started our very own Trevelino/Keller bee colony, an organic investment between our firm and one of Atlanta’s most reputable beekeepers. The end result from the undisclosed location (in order to maintain bee privacy for maximum pollination) of our bee colony is an initial batch of 100% Organic Sumac Honey. Sweet! For our clients, beyond the ongoing buzz we continue to generate, each received a bottle of sumac honey as a token of our appreciation for their continued partnership. The timing to release a new batch of honey couldn’t be better according to a Pennsylvania Study that says honey can help quiet a nighttime cough better than over the counter cough syrups or suppressants. We couldn’t be bigger supporters of mining nutritional benefits from the land rather than the lab. There’s more to buzz about ... from a long list of researchers who believe honey offers incredible antiseptic, antioxidant and cleansing properties for the body, including skin care tips and head to toe remedies, from eye conjunctivitis to athlete’s foot. One could argue honey should be one of the 10 food products every household should have and its consumption should be regular … in times of health and sickness. Of course, not all honey is created equal. Like all products, we recommend sourcing local and organic to ensure the purest quality. And for all those companies who chose the non-perishable path to giving this holiday season, think about starting your very own bee colony in 2012. Keeping clients buzzing and healthy is just good business.


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