Win Them Over with a Smile… Or a Tweet…


Twitter is all the rage right now. If it were 1990, Twitter would be the Zack Morris of its time (please excuse the Saved By The Bell reference - ever since Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon Live I can’t seem to get Zack and the rest of the Bayside High School clan out of my head!).

Back to my point… to say there have been a lot of articles regarding Twitter recently is the understatement of a lifetime. However, the articles I’ve been most interested in are the ones that have shown how companies and brands have found Twitter useful as a customer service tool. What a great idea -- a free platform that allows you to track customers’ comments on your brand and start a two-way conversation with them whenever appropriate.

Well, it wasn’t until this week that I personally realized the true value of Twitter as a customer service vehicle.

I’m getting ready to move into a new house and working my way down my checklist of things to do before the big day. Yesterday’s daunting task: call Comcast. Quite possibly the worst one on the list (and yes, that includes cleaning the oven). During my frustrating conversation with the Comcast sales “professional” I updated my Twitter status to relay my frustrations to the world.

A few moments later I received a reply from @ComcastBonnie who asks if she could help me with anything. I was speechless. “Comcast is tracking complaints on Twitter?” I thought to myself. How fantastic. Then I only felt a minor pang of guilt for blasting that I hate there services all over Twitter.

I share this because not only is it a great example of how Twitter can be used, but also because I want to thank @ComcastBonnie for her courage in responding to what I can only imagine to be the thousands of unhappy Comcast Tweeters out there. Here’s to you, @ComcastBonnie.

What’s your favorite aspect of Twitter? Have you had similar experience?

By Carrie Crabill

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